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Again, three cheers for the solid and substantial help you are bestowing on your fellow writers. When a writer is relatively unknown, his anonymity is often a royal pain in the ass. You are giving writers EXACTLY what they want: Help in disseminating their work product and getting known.

I have some basic questions regarding some of your advice. I am such a techno-neanderthal that I don't understand some of what you say. You said, for example:

"It’s OK to just copy and paste your entire newsletter to the websites below, then click submit and you’re done.

Or you may want to just copy the first paragraph, with a good title, and a hero picture, then add a button to link to the rest of the article on your SubStack site."


a) How would I copy and paste my entire substack newsletter to the site. My newsletter has about 200 posts.

b) what is a HERO PICTURE (Am I correct in presuming that it is a good picture that is relevant to your work product)

c) instead of providing a button to my article, can I just give them a link

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I really appreciate you, David. You could write reviews for a living!

a) By entire newsletter, I mean individual posts. Not your whole body of work as a collective unit. One at a time. You want to find new audiences that appreciate your work (as I do!), so just upload your best couple of articles to start (copy and paste) - to a couple different choices in the article. Medium and Tumblr would be a good start. You'll have to sign up for most of these, but they are free to post in.

To sign up for Tumblr:

Go to www.tumblr.com.

Type in your email address, a password, and a user name, and then click Sign Up.

Type in your age, agree to Tumblr's rules, and click Next.

Select at least five interests, and then click Next.

Click the link in the email that Tumblr sends you to verify your email address.

Fortunately, you can create an account in less than a minute by going to Medium.com and clicking the "Get started" button in the center of the page (or the "Sign in / Sign up" link at the top of the page). From there you'll have three different sign-up options to choose from: Google, Facebook, and email. (https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-use-medium).

b) A hero picture is the large picture that is the first thing you see when you get to a webpage, or in this case a post. (the hero picture for the post you are commenting on - is the eyeballs) (read more: https://pau1.substack.com/p/-above-the-fold).

c) Just give them a picture first, then a great headline, then your best opening paragraph first to get them to want to read the rest of the story. Then, yes a link, or a button. (doesn't matter which).

Thanks for commenting, David. Email me anytime with questions to: pau1@substack.com

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Great response to great questions. Helpful to more people than you know!! I am not quite a technoneanderthal, but I really appreciate the simple explanations. Thank you.

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Thanks for all the tips!

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Thank you for these wonderful ideas!! I have had this series of newsletters "starred" in my inbox all week and can't wait to sit down and put some ideas into practice. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. Now if I could just find a few more hours in the day....

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