That number is your analytics number. What does a Google Analytics ID look like?

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The measurement ID format is G-XXXXXXX, and it identifies which data stream is sending data to your GA4 property. If you have set up a GA4 property with a web data stream, your Google Analytics measurement ID begins with the characters' G-'

(good article: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/google-tag-manager-vs-google-analytics/)

What is GTM ID?

The part of the GTM container tag code which reads 'GTM-TXAAA', is called the container ID. This ID is used to uniquely identify each GTM container tag. You can see the GTM container ID on the home page of Google Tag Manager: https://tagmanager.google.com/#/home.

I've had analytics and tag manager for years, and these programs change all the time. If you have a specific question, a google search usually answers those questions. Good luck to you!

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Your measurement ID in he tutorial above and the placeholder measurement ID on Substack both start with GTM-XXX, but mine just starts G-XXX. Any idea why?

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