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Interesting. Took an Artificial Intelligence class in College. It was way before all this.

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Tell me about it, I know what youΒ΄re talking about ! Hoping and dreaming and what not make me shed more than a tear, amidst the bloobath. Let me explain.

Scorch-earth regards from the tropical wilderness in Nicaragua, Central America. I scrape by close to the Masaya Volcano, dubbed the Gates of Hell, you know, hell, sweet home. NOT REALLY ! IΒ΄m just a soldier of Christ, nobly humble cannon fodder, fighting in the first row, bruised and bloodied, one-armed., still breathing, quite heavily, though, praising the Lord, in JesusΒ΄ name, to the best of my ability, to my very last breath on the battlefield called LIFE ! Life is not a word, itΒ΄s a sentence ! But I keep fighting for it, IΒ΄m a freedom fighter, not a quitter, though my faith seems but is not gutted.




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