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Thank you for sharing Rubin's book. In my long history of reading about creativity, I find Rubin to be one of the freshest and most useful voices. This chapter is not only brilliant ... it is exactly the chapter I needed to read this morning ... powerful on so many levels.

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With all due respect, Rick Rubin is getting on my nerves:

a) You say "his name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the music industry." Excellence in today's music industry means excellence in producing shit. Once, there were musicians like the Beat;les, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. Now we have Beyonce and Justin Bieber. The music industry is an agent of mediocrity, decreptitude, decay.

Nowadays, when they want to make movies or make songs, corporations hire committess. They reason: If ten percent of the population likes action sequences, 10 percent of the movie will consist of action sequences. The artist is degraded. We are inundated by a sea of shlock culture.

b) Who drew that over the top, histrionic illustration that is the lead in for your post. When something has to strive hysterically for emphasis, like that image, it is a real turn off. People of discernment reason: The man has nothing to say so he is dressing up his dreck and his vacuity of thought with a flashy, maniacal image. I dislike the image for the same reason that I think women who wear boas, and thousands of Jewels and tons of make up look like washed up whores from hell.

c)There is a current theme in all your stuff: You love people who are successes. Being a success more often than not entails being a CON ARTIST. For example, the Sachler family made BILLIONS with oxycontin and they submitted false reports to the FDA which lied and said that they had an opiod which was less addictive. They made a fortune killing thousands of young Americans. DOW CHEMICAL MADE a fortune in the 60's selling NAPALM to the pentagon. The napalm killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF VIETNAMESE PEASANTS. Should we adore Dow Chemical for making a fortune. No, WE SHOULD SHOOT TO KILL THEM. The people who made facebook were very successful, and facebook, and febrile social media, elected Donald Trump. Most of the misery on this planet was made by rich people who sold products which engendered DOOM.

D) In 1968, the Harvard Dept. of psychology published a study which showed that the VARIABLE MOST HIGHLY CORRELATED WITH THE ABILITY TO MAKE MONEY was the ability to LOOK SOMEONE IN THE EYE AND LIE

E) Tell me: Is Rick Rubin paying your for writing posts adulating, and practically cumming for, Rich Rubin.

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Paul thanks for sharing this! I've been meaning to pick up Rubin's book and haven't got to it so this will propel me forward.

Stepping out of the story of our life is a very powerful tool. One thing I've been doing recently (I think I learned this from Martha Beck) is to picture the space between my eyes, go into the space between the atoms in that space, all there is is space. She explains it much better than me but I have found this simple exercise to be so powerful because from there I can see my whole self as space between the atoms. This helps me detach from the story of my life in a much healthier way than staying locked in.

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"Zoom in and obsess. Zoom out and observe. You get to choose."

What a refreshing way to look at life. I wasn't familiar with Rick Rubin. His perspective is brilliant.

Thanks for sharing, Paul.

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The Creative Act is a fantastic book.

One of those books that you can pick up, flip open any random page📄 ....and get bonked over the head with jaw-dropping wisdom, inspiration, and instruction.

Great book 📖

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